100% Pure Silk Scarves, Silk Neckties and Pocket Squares

About Us


For the first couple of years, we were just a ‘regular’ site (albeit a bit obsessive about exceptional silks) and everything about us was ‘proper’. 

 But then we were attacked, captured and captivated by some ‘Pirates’. Now, proudly, we are a Pirate Ship! Here is our story…..


When we started, we were focused on two things: First, high quality pure silk scarves, men’s neckties and pocket squares in sparklingly fresh designs and colours.

Our second focus was on customer experience. Scarves and Neckties are a popular gift item and many of our clients would ask for our recommendations.

Over the course, we realised that there was one segment of our customers who were buying to gift to themselves and they wanted a surprise. That’s when we decided to change the entire shopping concept. We did a trial with a few customers and they just loved it! They liked this adventure where they get to trust their instincts. Obviously, we understand that this way of shopping is not for everyone. But the fearless, passionate, headstrong, feisty, audacious, bold and adventurous Pirates love it.

Welcome aboard the Pirate Ship!


PS. Please note that there are ‘No Returns and No Exchanges’. We don’t do those ‘Navy’ things!!