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100% Pure Silk Scarf | Silk Necktie | Pocket Square | Best Gifts Money can Buy


 It was getting cold and dark, boring and predictable. And There She Arrived. 
Resplendent, Glowing, Singing, Soaring.


Attention :

Silk Scarf Lovers /  Silk Tie Lovers /  Lovers (and Magicians…it’s usually the same people!). 

Are you looking for high fashion, exclusive luxury silk scarves or ties? Welcome. You are in the right place! 
At Silk Spells, we are single minded, focused, even obsessed! Only Silk. Only Exceptional Silk Scarves and Ties.
We will get to the “Spells” part soon. Let's talk about the Silk first.


What makes us special?

As far as we can tell, we are the only site in the world, which is exclusively selling Silk Scarves.

Maybe, it’s helpful to see what we are NOT. Let's make it clear, we are NOT:
-       An Accessory site, with anything from hats to shoes to hairpins.
-       An Apparel Fashion site, with anything from dresses to denim to jackets.
-       An Average Scarf Site, with anything from cotton voile, to cashmere to polyester scarves.

Best silks money can buy

We sell the best silks that money can buy. By that, we don't just mean Hermes or Prada expensive.

We sell only scarves made of high quality 100% silk. Here is the best part about being focused: within the category of luxury silk scarves, we have a wide selection. We have printed silk scarves, jacquard silk scarves, large and small, square and rectangular. We have silk stoles, silk shawls and silk scarves.
That brings us to Men’s Silk Ties. 100% Silk Ties in Jacquard weaves. We'll admit, we have a clear bias for bright, cheerful, bold colours and a luxurious feel. Our ties collection has a wide range of colours and patterns, perfect for you to match and contrast. 

Secret spells of 'The Mesmerati'

Okay. The second half of our name- "Spells" is equally important to us.

Through the ages, no fibre has captivated humans quite like silk. The mystery, secrecy and beguiling beauty of silk has kept the world enamoured  for thousands of years.
Ordinary silks are no fun. We like silks that are woven with magic; that enchant; that cast their spells all around. 

These silks are for The Mesmerati… someone who appreciates rhythm and dance, colour and contrast, shapes and textures. Someone who makes magic!

Don’t believe in magic? That's because you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing us yet. Oh, did we tell you about our exclusive collection of silks called Sine Anno? It’s no secret! 


'Tis time to light a fire, time to cast a spell 

Of  Meliora, Unicus, Scio, Multum Parvo