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100% Pure Silk Scarf, Necktie and Pocket Square


Magic of Silk Scarf and Tie Guaranteed

SilkSpells Scarves and Ties. Magic Guaranteed…Or Your Money Back

Life is too short to wear boring silk scarves or ties! At SilkSpells, we have collections of stunning silk scarves and silk ties. Colours that brighten the entire room and designs that sparkle with energy. Made from the finest silk material using the best of traditional as well as modern techniques. Jacquards and Prints. Some are hand woven, others made by machines. The printed scarves are always screen printed for that vibrant lustre.


What is this SilkSpells ‘Guarantee of Magic’ everyone is talking about?
Let’s spell it out right away:
If you don’t experience the magic of our silk scarf or silk tie, the first time you wear it, you can return the product to us for a full refund. No questions asked.
No Magic, No Money!
How does this guarantee work?
It is an extraordinary guarantee but the way it works is all quite simple.
The first time you wear your new SilkSpells scarf or tie, we guarantee that:
You will get compliments from friends, colleagues and sometimes even from complete strangers! If you don’t get complimented for your silk spells scarf or tie, the first time you wear it, please feel free to return it to us for a full refund within two weeks (from the date of delivery). No questions asked.
Of course, much before anyone else, you will know the magic yourself…how the scarf or tie vibes with you… how it makes YOU feel.

Can I claim a refund even if I have removed the tags?
Yes. We understand that you need to remove the hangtags to use the product. You can still return it and claim your refund.
What about the return shipping cost?
This is the only request we have. We request that you pay for the return shipping courier cost. Once the parcel has been received by us, we will refund the full amount of the original purchase to your account.

“I got this new tie for a friend’s wedding. Everyone was dressed well. The attention I got was amazing! Not sure, if it was just me or the tie!”
-Wan Lawrence

“I wear my Meliora silk scarf every time I go for an important meeting. I just feel so good and positive. Hahaha! It’s my lucky charm”
-Lisa B.